CV Joint Repair

Raleigh CV Joint Repair

A Clicking sound in the front of your car could be a CV Joint Failure

What is the CV Joint?

The CV Joints are what enables your wheel to bend and rotate in multiple directions acting as a Ball Joint. It is protected by a CV Boot as well. This boot can wear or crack because of hard driving, Change of weather temp, simple aging. When this wear occurs then oil gets lost, and dirt can enter the boot. The boot must be changed because it can cause failure to the CV Joint if not fixed.

Usually replacing the entire assembly is the best way to proceed. The CV axle Shaft is 2 axles connected together with the CV joint at both ends. The outer joint is where we see most issues.

The best way for you to try to determine if the CV joint are going just open your window and if you hear a clicking noise in front left or right then its most likely a CV Joint. You have aprox 400-500 miles or less before this joint can come apart and break off. Its too easy to fix so if there is a CV joint issue you should take care of it right away and not risk any other damage that may be caused.