Axle Repair

Raleigh Axle Repair

When your car or truck makes a funny noise while driving or when you hit a bump there is an obvious issue. Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair know that you need your car back on the road fast and at an affordable price.

The noises you may be hearing can be the drive train which includes parts under the vehicle such as the CV joints, axles, drive shafts, and universal joints. At Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair we can identify the issue and give you the proper information to decide how to proceed. If left unfixed these drive Train issues simply get worse over time and its a good idea to fix them as soon as you know something is wrong with your car.

Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair is usually up to 50% off the dealership pricing when fixing your car.

We have multiple skill mechanics in our shop where we can perform any repair and give you the correct advice on how to fix your car at the most affordable price. We are one of the busiest car repair shops in Raleigh because of our great service and great prices. Our customers simply want a fair price to fix issues like Axles and the drive Train. CV Joints, Universal Joints and drive Shafts are just some of the multiple tasks that we can advise our customers on as they know that they have a trusted partner when it comes to their car.