AC Repair Raleigh NC

Raleigh Auto AC Repair

When the weather gets hot in Raleigh, and your car’s AC is under stress the team at Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair is ready to help get your car cool again. We see a lot of cars that are not charged properly. This means that your AC simply wont blow out the cold air that is required to cool the inside of your car.

Your car should first be tested for leaks, then recharged properly. Every car has a different requirement for the amount of refrigerant to be charged in the system. If its not charged correctly then you may think a repair is needed. Usually its as simply as an AC Service.

Our AC Maintenenance Service is $139.95

If an AC Repair is needed, then we can evaluate the situation with your AC System and make the correct recommendation to move forward to get your car blowing cool air again.